It is up to the client or their representatives to ensure that there is hot running water and electricity at the premises in order for the clean to be carried out properly. Access to the property must be provided at the organised time and date by the client, if by key then these will need to be fully working without any special efforts or skills required and we accept no liability for loss or damage to keys or locks. We cannot be held liable in any way for the security of a property before, during or after our services have been carried out. We will wait outside a property booking for up to 20 minutes from the time booked. Our charges are still payable if this access was not available or water or electricity is not provided. If step ladders are required then this must be mentioned in the booking confirmation, we will be unable to partake in any climbing or high work, or external property cleaning. All fridge freezers in the premises must be emptied and switched off at the mains and defrosted so they can be cleaned thoroughly. If they are not already defrosted we will be unable to clean them thoroughly. If any of these responsibilities are not met our payment for attending the job is still fully payable. The property must be ready to clean in the sense that any disguarded items that appear as rubbish or otherwise will be cleared and thrown away as part of our work so you must make sure that all items that are considered of value or wanted to be kept are either removed or told to us as such, in writing. As an example this could be dirty laundry, towels, sheets, kitchen products, bags full or otherwise, cleaning chemicals for baths and or kitchens etc.
If there are any additional services and or extra work to be carried out, this cannot take place prior to contact and authorisation from our office. We will not work on any external areas on the site of a property.
Tenancy cleaning will not include the cleaning of carpets of any description, ceilings, walls, upholstery and furnishings, curtains or blinds, washing up or laundering. If any of these mentioned un-included services are required, please notify the office on bookings so this can be added to the quote. We will not partake in the moving of any furnishings or anything heavy; this can cause property damage and or injury. 
You will be liable to a £10 surcharge should our cleaners have to pick up keys from a third party and this must be within 3 miles.
Parking of the vehicle and any congestion charges incurred for our cleaning services will be at the client’s expense.
In the unlikely event of a complaint arising, this must be mentioned, in writing, within 24 hours of the cleaning work carried out so that we can resolve any issues. Any complaints after the 24 hour period will not be considered.
When calculating prices we use average room sizes based on national statistics and we reserve the right to alter the original quotation should the size of the job or level of cleaning required change upon arrival at the premises. Bedrooms larger than 20 square meters and receptions larger than 40 square meters will be subject to price increases. If a property is dirty to an unreasonable level we must be informed prior to the job commencing, should we arrive at the property not knowing, this may alter the quote significantly. Excess rubbish that may need removing will be chargeable if present; this is chargeable at £15 per 60 litre (approx.) rubbish bag. Extra rooms within a property e.g. en-suite bathrooms, garage, second lounge, garden etc., are charged at £35 per room. We reserve the right to add additional costs if properties are excessively dirty, very large or rooms are excessively overstocked with furniture or crockery/ utensils etc. There is an additional charge of only £15 for full oven cleaning and £15 for full cleaning of the fridge freezer.
If there is an AGA oven present in the property this must be switched off the day before in order to be able to clean this without risk of any injuries.

The maximum time we will spend cleaning an oven will be 1 hour. A 1 bedroom property will be worked on for up to 5 person hours. A 2 bedroom is up to 7 person hours. A 3 bedroom is up to 9 person hours. A 4 bedroom is up to 10 person hours. A 5 bedroom property is up to 12 person hours. All of our supervised teams work very hard and very efficiently at all times. Anything needed above these times is chargeable and can be called through at any time. Alternatively we reserve the rights to leave the property after such time. (A person hour may include many workers or one individual worker, depending on the booking type and or date.) Any extra hours above these times are chargeable at £70 plus vat per hour inside the property up to a maximum of 3 staff on site. 

Carpet cleaning prices are £40 per Room (room must be of a reasonable size, as described in there terms) and hallways and stairs are £15 each. Upholstery charges are £25 for 1 and 2 seater sofas, £35 for 3 seater sofas, single mattresses £20, double mattresses £25, king size mattress £35, queen size matresses £40 and curtains are £40. The cleaning of carpets and or upholstery/curtains comes with no guarantee that stains will come out or be successfully removed. It very much depends on the type and age of stains as well as the type of carpets.

External window cleaning is chargeable at £7 per window for the ground and first floor.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the company our account is due for immediate payment when booked. If the payment is by credit/debit card, internet payment or bank transfer, it is agreed that payment will be made no later than the day prior to the booking. We reserve the right to cancel this booking on failure to receive full payment in advance. We require full credit card details in order to hold a booking. 50% of the booking is non-refundable if cancelled within 48 hours of the booking time and date. We cannot honour a booking confirmed without payment having been cleared in our accounts. If we arrive at a booking to find the job is larger then quoted on or in a very bad/dirty condition, we fully reserve the right to not carry out the work until further payment is made and agreed. Late payment will be charged at £40 per month until payment is received in full. We reserve all rights to charge this even after late payment is received at all future dates.

The client can cancel or reschedule any booking by giving us at least 48 hours’ notice in writing. Failure to provide this in writing will result in a 50% of the fee charged from the quoted booking.
My Tenancy Cleaners reserve the right to cancel the booking of any job if the property is deemed unsafe or hazardous in any way to the health and wellbeing or our team. This will not result in a refund. We have the right to cancel or reschedule our services in cases where an accident, incident or issue arises within the assigned cleaning team. We also fully reserve the right to change the attendance time and or date of the booking.

There will be no refund claims considered once the cleaners have been into the premises. The services shall be deemed to have been carried out by our cleaners to the client’s satisfaction unless written notice is received within 24 hours with information relating to any complaint. We will fully commit to the investigation of any issue or complaint and seek to resolve this to the clients satisfaction or alternatively to a reasonable standard. The client agrees to allow us back into a property to carry out a re-clean or inspect and disputed areas prior to the client arranging and 3rd party services.
In any case of damage proven to be caused by us we cannot be held liable in any way. 
We do make every effort not to break any items but accidents do happen. For this reason we request that all irreplaceable items, whether they be sentimentally or monetarily valuable be stored away and or not cleaned by our teams.
We may require entry to the location of the claim within 24 hours to correct any reported issues.
We are not responsible for any clients or people within the property placing items of furniture on a carpet which has not completely dried and causes damage as a result.
We are not liable for shrinkage in carpets, this can be caused by poor fitting.
We are not responsible or liable for any damage to properties in the form of stains, burns, spillages etc. that cannot be removed, using our industry standard techniques and cleaning methods.
Any of our work undertaken is covered by our Public Liability insurance.
We do our best to make sure your appliances are cleaned to the very highest of standards. We will not be liable for any ingrained dirt or grease etc. that cannot be removed using our chemicals. We are not liable for any damage said to be from our work or any damage caused to anything within a property or surrounding the property.
Freezers must be defrosted prior to our arrival as the time it takes to defrost would not enable us to clean them thoroughly.
We cannot guarantee our end of tenancy cleaning services when there is furniture and or people present in the property at the time our services are carried out. Please make sure to read our terms and conditions in full. By entering our website and or booking a cleaning job through My Tenancy Cleaners, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. These terms are subject to change without any prior notice; we will notify you of these changes. We reserve the right to cancel or amend any booking made. We reserve the right to change the quoted price based upon arrival at a job different or larger than expected. We fully reserve the right to change our terms and conditions or pricing and any agreements without any notice or any notifications.

All our prices are plus VAT at the appropriate rates. We advise all of clients and customers that no responsibility will be taken in anyway by us for any suggested theft or damage in anyway. Please make sure to always secure all or any valuables left within a property. By entering our website or contacting us via the phones, website or emails you fully agree to our terms of business.

We reserve the full rights to change our terms of business and or any prior or present agreements made with clients, without any notice or

contact being given or made. This includes any back dated agreements and revoking from any agreements ever made and not having to commit to them in any way. We may do this and backdate this decision due to not being instructed any further or willing to take instructions or work with the client and or agent in any ways.